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Unsupervised Machine Learning for the Classification of Astrophysical X-ray Sources 

Pérez-Díaz, V.S., Martínez-Galarza, J. R., Caicedo Dorado, A., & D’Abrusco, R. (2024). Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Accepted!

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Enhancing Astronomical Catalog Cross-matching with Contrastive Learning

Pérez-Díaz, V. S., Ingram, J., Kashyap, V., Martínez-Galarza, J. R., & Protopapas, P. (2024). In preparation.

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Nuclear Physics by Learning Representations

Kitouni, O., Nolte, N., Trifinopoulos, S., Pérez-Díaz, V. S., & Williams, M. (2024). In preparation.

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